1. Goodbye

    It has been a good 4 year run for myzombiegear.com.
    This website launched the day after the series premier of The Walking Dead back in 2010 because the show inspired me to make A website where zombie fanatics could find the latest and greatest gear for zombie hunting, reading, TWD and much Much more. At first, it was more or less a joke but quickly turned into a hobby. We've grown to almost 12,000 followers on Twitter and have reached almost 1 million visitors to the website (which is pretty good for never paying a penny for advertising!). This has really made this experience worth while. As you may have noticed, the website has really slowed in the past year primarily because I do not have enough time to invest into this website due to taking part in several other projects. This is the primary reason for shutting down.
    Either way, I want to thank you all for making this a neat experience.

    I won't say this is goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now for MZG.

    Chris aquino