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Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Truck

The standard Tacoma is one tough truck — but if you’re trying to make it to the South Pole (or escape zombies), you’re going to need something a bit beefier. Something like this Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Truck. Built specifically for that purpose, this truck made the run to the South Pole and back in just under 40 hours. Special features include a supercharged 4L V6 engine, a specially-tuned transmission, a suspension and undercarriage from Marconi, a steel body, four racing seats, an engine heater, upgraded batteries, a solar panel, and seven (!) fuel tanks with a total capacity of roughly 330 gallons — so while you won’t have to fill up often, it’s going to be brutal when you do.

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Don’t let the name fool you — you don’t need to be on the front lines battling Vietcong to drive the Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep ($107,000). But we’re willing to bet it would be just as at home on the battlefield as it is on the toughest friendly terrain. This heavily-customized Jeep Wrangler features a Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower, letting it get from zero to 60 in 8.4 seconds (not bad for something this big). A fully-upgraded suspension and lift kit, LED light bars all around, and kevlar panels on the interior and exterior make it one bad ride.

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Hyundai Really, Really Concerned About Zombies, Debuts Santa Fe–Based Apocalypse Machine

As measured by zombie-proof model debuts, Hyundai might just be the most paranoid automaker out there, since it has now added a third living-dead-resistant vehicle to its fleet. Based on a Santa Fe Sport, the brand’s latest zombie survival machine was designed by a fan of The Walking Dead and will make its in-the-flesh—er, metal—debut at the 2013 New York Comic Con.

Similar to the armored Hyundai Veloster and Elantra that preceded it, the Santa Fe looks like a pedestrian crossover as envisioned by Mad Max on one of his bad days. Zombie-dicing knives poke out from the bodywork at lurid angles, razor wire covers the windows, and there’s a roof-mounted machine-gun turret for mowing down the soulless matter left over post-biochemical-outbreak. Just in case, there are a pair of guns bolted to the hood, a push bar, and an exhaust silencer for sneaking past throngs of sound-sensitive undead. Oh, and there’s an automatic crossbow, because, well, why not?

We might add that credit is due for the blood-red racing stripes—even in the apocalypse, style is key—and the intelligence of finally basing a zombie car on something with some ground clearance. Veloster and Elantra drivers, you’ve been warned: Don’t drive over too many of those biters, they’ll probably jam your escape.



Donal O’Keeffe’s ‘Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles’

Donal O’Keeffe on why and how he created these Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles,

“I wanted to create narratives and characters within the details. I wanted to create a series of renders that people could spend hours looking at, to see something new with every fresh viewing. Each one was rendered and created for large format printing. Plus I felt the concept of protection from the outside world and our attempt to cling onto some form of reality was fascinating. These themes lead me to the zombie survival vehicles. Match this with me being a huge George Romero fan and you can the see where the concept spawned.”




VelociRaptor SUV

Great news for all of you Ford truck owners. You can now convert your normal day-to-day truck into the VelociRaptor SUV, or the zombie apocalypse ready SUV. No, Ford isn’t jumping into the apocalypse game just yet, you’ll need to buy the conversion kit from Hennessy. The VelociRaptor SUV comes with optional upgrades like third-row seating, a supercharger, Brembo brakes, upgraded tires and wheels, and security and armoring systems. These upgrades don’t come cheap but hurry up, quantity it limited.

$150,000     BUY


Polaris Defense MRZR

In need of a good scouting vehicle for the apocalypse? Try the Polaris Defense MRZR to get around quickly. Powered by a Polaris ProStar 900 engine putting out 88hp and available in 2- or 4-man versions, they feature on-demand all-wheel drive, electronic power steering, a modular cargo system that supports rear-facing seats, and optional IR lights for stealth nighttime maneuvers.


quadski 600wide


When the apocalypse takes place, you’re going to need both land and water transportation. That’s where the Quadski comes in handy. Reaching speeds of 45 mph on both land and water it’s plenty fast enough to escape from a growing hoard, and it takes only seconds to transition between land and water. At the press of a button, the Quadski’s wheels retract after entering the water and deploy when approaching land. Try and catch me now walkers!

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Image source: MoneySupermarket Halloween Spooktacular

Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine 1

Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine

If you said your zombie survival vehicle of choice was the Hyundai Elantra, you would get more laughs than if you were wearing a zombie plush hat. However, if you said you were driving the Hyundai Elantra pictured above, then you’d probably get a pretty big high five. Designed by Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead,” Hyundai unveiled the Hyundai Elantra Zombie Survival Machine at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

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ORSOS Islands Highres

ORSOS Islands

Who says you can’t evade zombies in luxury? The ORSOS Islands lets you do just that with room for 12 guests plus 4 crew members. This luxury island yacht will be a great place to retire to once the apocalypse takes place. There isn’t a price listed on the site but we can guess it won’t be a cheap purchase, but money shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to preparing for zombies.



Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The go-anywhere, conquer-anything truck can carry 2,866 pounds of cargo over just about any terrain you can throw at it, reinforced by armor plating – including underbody protection from land mines (or perhaps more poignantly, roadside IEDs). The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon  has got an on-the-fly adjustable suspension with nearly 18 inches of ground clearance, full combat communications and jamming system – perfect for evading zombies and other crazy zombie hunters.


zombie apocalypse vehicle

Volkswagen Amarok M

The beginning of the zombie apocalypse is the most important time to have a zombie apocalypse vehicle that cannot only mow down zombies but also break through barricades and other human threats. The Volkswagen Amarok M is a customizable vehicle suited for any zombie hunter. The Amarok M comes with rifle racks, a radio system with handsets and enough room to house additional equipment. The three-ton vehicle can also carry up to 1.37 tons. The Amarok M also offers high mobility both off road and on hard surfaces and boasts a top speed of 112mph.

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